Service : Sunday 5 July 2020

Good day to you all.  The above Service can be watched from early on Sunday morning 5 July.  There is an Audio version on the same Service Page under the Video.  Also there is the dedicated phoneline at
01563 444426  where one can listen to the Service with calls at the local rate.   Please do tell everyone of these arrangements for taking in the Service and we hope that you enjoy it.

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On Sunday last, 28 June 2020, Rev Fiona Maxwell had a Post Script at the end of the Service broadcast where she spoke of matters concerning CoVid19 and how it currently affects the Church.

 You may wish to gain access to this  and we are publishing it once again.


Service of Holy Communion, Sunday 28 June 2020

Service of Holy Communion, Sunday 28 June 2020.
This Service will be available to view on this site under the main heading ‘Services’, early on Sunday morning.
There is an ‘Audio Only’ version of the video service if you find audio only more convenient.
The telephone line 01563 444426 will also be operating for those who wish to access the Service that way.
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Graeme’s Garden updated

Hi all;  Graeme asked me to give you a Garden Opening Update.

If you fancy a little trip to Girvan next month Graeme is hoping his garden will be open to visitors.  Here is a message from Graeme giving the opening dates.  I am planning to go and visit and hope to see you there.

SGS have informed us that they hope to have SGS Gardens , following  the mandatory  rules etc., open from July 15, but will finalise the situation asap. Therefore, our first opening would be
18/19 July 25/26 July,1/2 August, 8/9August 1pm till 5pm, unfortunately  no tea or coffee served this year!

Best wishes



You may recall that Graeme sent us a video earlier showcasing his beautiful garden in Girvan.  He has sent us a little update which I hope you enjoy. Try clicking on either of the links to see it.!Ap5xP1rjCKhthXxkVQXUuVwe5-1w-

Graemes garden;25 may

Covid19 Guidance reopening church buildings V1 June2020

The following is a letter written by a colleague, Rev Alistair May. It is in response to an opinion article in The Herald newspaper today.
Rev Fiona Maxwell

“Some of you may have seen an alarming piece in today’s Herald entitled “Kirk’s cruel plan to banish elderly from services is a disgrace”. I simply want to reassure you that this extremely misleading column utterly misrepresents the facts, and the care that the Church has for its older members.

Ministers are only too aware of the distress that closing Church buildings has been, particularly to older members. We are keen to see everyone – of every age – having the option of returning to Church, just as soon as it is safe to do so.

What is happening right now is that an expert group in our Edinburgh Head Office (“121”) are working extremely hard to provide guidance for churches as they think about reopening, and they are consulting us ministers regularly. The guidance is certainly long and complicated, but that’s not because it’s trying to confuse anyone (as the Herald’s piece alleges) but because every church building is different – and because the Scottish Government’s advice is changing week by week.

It is the Scottish Government who have placed certain people in the “shielding” category, and also recommended that those over 70 need to take particular care. All that 121’s advice says is that congregations need to keep this in view, and to recognise that some people may choose not to return to church immediately when the building reopens. No one is being banished. It will be about individuals making choices for themselves. What we are being encouraged to do is to ensure that there are still other options for those who choose not to return. The advice says we should ensure that vulnerable people are able to “participate in church life in a way that meets their own individual needs and preferences while safeguarding their own health”. For us, that will mean that our services will continue to be available online, on DVD, and telephone, even after we are able to restart physical meetings, so that everyone (young and old) can choose what they believe is best for them.

It may reassure people to know that the decisions will be taken by our local elders (many of whom are over 70 themselves) and not by any “hierarchy” as the Herald wrongly claims. The document that headquarters have produced is simply welcome guidance for your minister and Kirk Session as they seek to find the best way forward for our congregation. We do not want anyone to make decisions which may put their health at risk.

The motives of the columnist I will leave you to ponder for yourself.

If you have any concerns, feel free to get in touch with me (or your own minister)


(Guidelines are openly on the Church’s website – there’s nothing to hide here.)

Covid19 Guidance reopening church buildings V1 June2020

Service Sunday 14 June 2020

Hello again. The Service from Kay Park Parish Church is a recorded broadcast and will be available for you to watch on Sunday 14 June 2020.

This  is now to inform you that you can see the archived Service under Recorded Services

In addition we now have access to a phone line where those of you who wish to do so can listen to an audio version of the Service. Normal local telephone costs apply here so don’t worry about running up a big bill! The number to dial is:-

We hope that you enjoy the Service and will be pleased to receive comments from you. We also would like you to tell friends and congregation. Everybody!

Sunday 24 May 2020: Reflection on Ascension Day


 Rev Fiona Maxwell has recorded an address to you on the above subject and I commend it to you for viewing.  This may herald our approach to future Services and addresses to you and we hope that many take the opportunity to look at it and you can give us feedback. 
It can be found under the Recorded Services tab. For your ease we’ve also posted here on this page.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon

Tie a Yellow Ribbon’ by Mark Cridland

Some of you will now be humming or singing the song, ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon’ first released in 1973. I remember my Gran singing along to the Brotherhood of Man version.

I noticed on Facebook that the congregation of Dalziel St Andrews in Motherwell have been encouraged to tie a coloured ribbon to the railings of their church and offer a prayer. Other churches and groups are also doing similar things.

I would like to encourage the church family and community around Kay Park to do the same and tie a piece of coloured ribbon to the railings at the front of our building, of course only if it is safe to do so and part of your daily routine takes you in that direction. If you are unable to get to the church to do this why not tie a piece of ribbon to your own front door handle or to a tree or plant in your garden, and again offer a prayer.

We are unable to be together in the one place but may this simple act be…

a sign of the common humanity we share

a sign of trust in the God who always welcomes us

a sign of hope that one day we will welcome one another again

warmest good wishes, Rev Fiona.