This Church of Scotland  Parish Church is lively and active with a registered congregation of 500 people – around 150 of whom are regular attenders.

Kay Park Parish Church frontage

Situated just a short walk away from Kilmarnock town centre – at the end of London Road is the marvellous building of Kay Park Parish Church, formerly known as Henderson Church. The name change came with the Union with the Old High Kirk in November, 2012. The congregation is ministered to by Rev Fiona Maxwell B.A., B.D.

We are a warm, welcoming, innovative congregation of almost 500 in the heart of Kilmarnock, drawing our members from every part of our community. In 2012, after a presbytery reappraisal, Kay Park Parish Church arose out of a union of two congregations, Old High Kirk and Henderson Church, which must be one of the happiest ‘marriages’ in the Church of Scotland. Our members, Kirk Sessions and leaders merged together seamlessly and both congregations claim to have gained the most.

Together we decided to change our name to an entirely new one as a first step to a new congregation. Together we decided to remove the pews from the sanctuary and undertake a complete refurbishment of the sanctuary and halls. Together we have taken on new challenges and formed new organisations with new leaders.

We welcome many members of other congregations in the town, who visit many of our services, come on our pilgrimages and join our clubs. The reception area at the front of the church is equipped with coffee tables and chairs and has a little kitchen , so that members and visitors can enjoy a chat over coffee.

We welcome everyone in God’s name, whatever their age, ethnicity, gender identity, physical or mental ability. There is always something going on like the Guild, the Choir, the Friendship Club, the Playgroup, the Lunch Club, the Strollers and the Young Church.