Halls Hire

Welcome to our halls!

We have a range of rooms, halls and facilities available to let. At the moment Wifi is not available throughout the whole building, although with notice it can be arranged into two areas only at one time.

Main Downstairs Hall

Main Downstairs Hall

This vast hall is a fantastic space for dance classes, youth organisations, social clubs, coffee mornings, displays and so much more. With an advanced sound and visual system, this hall is more than meets the eye. It offers a space of 61′ x 40′; but, if you only need half, then let us know – we have shutters that will mean you can have a space that is 35′ x 40′ or 26′ x 40′ – whichever suits your needs.

With the hall there are adjoining toilets including disabled facilities and baby changing areas. We also offer a great kitchen! Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to help. This hall can seat up to 140 Comfortably for a meal or a small conference. If you wish to have a dance area you would reduce it to 100.

Choir Room

Choir Room

Not just for singing! This fantastic area of 21′ x 12′ is an excellent space in which to hold meetings up to 20. It has its own WC and a piano is kept in here for users; so perfect if you want to hold a class or even just a small tutoring session. With plenty of availability, this room is ready for you to use.

Creche Room

Count Room

This room can hold a small meeting of up-to 12. It boasts a large counting table which could be used if you have a charity count to do or just need to clear up some business. This 15′ x 14′ room is regularly available and is just ready, waiting for you to use.

Session Room

Session Room

Offering a relaxed environment for those smaller meetings, this room can accommodate a small group of around 12. Whether you’re having an AGM or a meeting out of town, this 14′ x 12′ 6″ area is a great space.


The Kitchen

With the lets of our rooms and halls, all you need do is ask and if it’s available then it is yours to use. The kitchen has a 6 hob cooker, a dishwasher and a huge amount of counter space and is perfect for so many uses. There is a surcharge for the hire of the kitchen if you are preparing and serving hot food.

Sanctuary / Up-stairs areas

The Sanctuary

This area boasts a more upgraded area from Downstairs. Its main purpose is to serve as a place of Worship, although it is available to hire for Concerts / Conferences / Small meetings / Music Rehearsal’s. It is a flexible area with seating up to 250 for a conference or less if you wish break it up with Workshops.

There are two other rooms on this level, which may be used in conjunction with the Sanctuary Area. One, which is the Side Chapel, can seat up to 30 for a workshop. The other is the Pastoral Area, which can seat up to 12 people for a small workshop. The Vestibule area may be hired on its own for a small meeting of up to 40 people. There is a up to date Audio Visual System with 50″ Screens in the Main Area which is available for a small surcharge.

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