By Post: Kay Park Parish Church, London Rd, Kilmarnock, KA3 7AA
Phone the Office: 01563 318052
For general queries: please write to the Church address. or phone the Session Clerk at 01563 401209

For other matters select the relevant contact from the list below:

For any Pastoral needs: please contact Minister: Rev Fiona Maxwell B.A., B.D. at 01563 521762 or mobile at 07507312123.
Email address:

Session Clerk: Mrs Janette Steven
Tel: 01563 401209

Hall Lets : 
Telephone: Church Administrator 07394 173977
Email: and also complete this enquiry / booking form.

Church Administrator:

The email address for the Church Administrator is Or phone 07394 173977   

Treasurer: Mr. Alex Steven
Tel: 01563 401209