News re Online Services Etc



Our Minister, Rev Fiona Maxwell is currently on extended compassionate leave. The Business Committee has taken the necessary steps to cease meeting for Sunday worship and has cancelled all lets. Some additional cleaning has been undertaken ensuring that the building is safe when we are able to return.

With the church being closed due to the Coronavirus situation, the Business Committee thought it might be helpful to provide a number of sources which you may wish to use to allow you some element of worship on a Sunday, or whenever you wish.

Some of the suggestions are “online“ and require the use of a computer, but we have also provided information which does not require any modern technology. We hope you find some/all of this helpful.

Live Streaming : A number of churches currently stream their Sunday worship live. The following are three which you might like to try. A full list of churches which stream is available from

Sanctuary First; Fullarton Connexions; Stewarton: John Knox.

The following is a programme of readings and hymns which can be used without any modern technology, only a bible and hymn book are required.

5th April Matthew 27 v11-54 Jesus and Pilate, and the Crucifixion Hymn 364 All glory laud and honour; Hymn 404 Lord of the dance

12th April John 20 v 1-18 The empty tomb and Mary Magdalene Hymn 410 Jesus Christ is risen today; Hymn 419 Thine be the glory

19th April Acts 2 v 22-32 Peter addressing the crowd; John 20 v 19-31 Jesus appears to his disciples Hymn 459 Crown Him with many crowns; Hymn 449 Rejoice the Lord is King

26th April Luke 24 v 13-35 On the road to Emmaus Hymn 562 Through the love of God our Saviour; Hymn 14 The Lord’s my shepherd

3rd May John 10 v1-10 Jesus as shepherd and gate Hymn 644 O Jesus, I have promised; Hymn 551 In heavenly love abiding

10th May John 14 v 1-14 Jesus is the way Hymn 543 Longing for light; Hymn 154 How great Thou art

17th May Psalm 66 v8-20 Praise the Lord who is always with us Hymn 132 Immortal, invisible, God only wise; Hymn 174 God of great and God of small

24th May John 17 v 1-11 Life is difficult ………..but… Hymn 436 Christ triumphant, ever reigning; Hymn 449 Rejoice, the Lord is king

31st May John 20 v 24-31 Jesus appears to Thomas Hymn 448 Lord, the light of your love is shining; Hymn 582 O day of joy and wonder

7th June Matthew 9 v 9-13 Calling of Matthew; Matthew 9 v 18-26 Jesus healing Hymn 500 Lord of creation to you be all praise; Hymn 502 Take my life, Lord, let it be

14th June Matthew 9 v35 – chapter 10 v8, and Matthew 10 v 9-23 Jesus sends out the disciples; Hymn 528 Make me a channel of your peace; Hymn 533 Will you come and follow me

21st June Psalm 86 v1-10, 16-17 A prayer of David Hymn 110 Glory be to God the Father; Hymn 124 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation

28th June Genesis 22 v 1-4 Being tested Hymn 600 Spirit of God, unseen as the wind; Hymn 626 Holy Spirit, truth divine

May God’s Holy Spirit be with you and yours over the coming weeks and months and we look forward to being back in the church, worshipping together when it is safe to do so.


Janet Grant

Session Clerk