Grasping the Nettle

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What A Wonder-Full World in Kilmarnock

Kay Park Parish Church, Kilmarnock

The recently renovated Kay Park Church is the venue for this event with Dr Deborah Haarsma that combines an entertaining and informative experience with thought-provoking questions about the big purpose of life.

The music will feature a range of high quality local Kilmarnock talent, the Dreghorn Music Society as well as that of tenor vocalist Alasdair Morris, film excerpts from The God Question TV series and the humour of the dramatic vignettes— Cosmic Cut and On Track performed by the GTN Drama Players. All will combine to provide a source of conversation topics with astronomer Deborah Haarsma.

Details; Admission £3

Date: Saturday 8 Jun, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm

Venue: Kay Park Parish Church, Kilmarnock