Graeme’s Garden updated

Hi all;  Graeme asked me to give you a Garden Opening Update.

If you fancy a little trip to Girvan next month Graeme is hoping his garden will be open to visitors.  Here is a message from Graeme giving the opening dates.  I am planning to go and visit and hope to see you there.

SGS have informed us that they hope to have SGS Gardens , following  the mandatory  rules etc., open from July 15, but will finalise the situation asap. Therefore, our first opening would be
18/19 July 25/26 July,1/2 August, 8/9August 1pm till 5pm, unfortunately  no tea or coffee served this year!

Best wishes



You may recall that Graeme sent us a video earlier showcasing his beautiful garden in Girvan.  He has sent us a little update which I hope you enjoy. Try clicking on either of the links to see it.!Ap5xP1rjCKhthXxkVQXUuVwe5-1w-

Graemes garden;25 may